Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence solutions built to augment the human potential.

Integrated Technologies

Our products are built on the foundations of the following  AI technologies:


Natural Language


Digital Virtual

Senti Pulse

Localized Social Media Insighting Tool

Language barriers and qualitative data issues are now a thing of the past. Our proprietary social media listening tool helps businesses manage their online reputation and audience from the comfort of their own office.

artificial intelligence solution sentiment analysis
artificial intelligence solution chatbot

Senti Natter

Programmable Chat Assistant

It’s the age of chatbots for marketing and customer service. With the increasing demand for speed and availability, leveraging on machine learning and natural language processing to fill in communication gaps is now possible for your business.

Senti Volant

Automated Form Processing

Volant eliminates operational ambiguity and saves time on staff training. The best part is – it’s very easy to integrate! Save your people from mind-numbing, tedious, and repetitive work. Trust us, they’ll love you for it.

artificial intelligence solutions

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