Data Scientist

Senti, the country’s leading AI company is fueled by consistent Research and Development (R&D) driven by trends and progresses coming both from Academe and Industry. The Research division is a large team of scientists, engineers, and researchers that push developments in Senti AI. These developments are power up the products, solutions, and services that we deliver to our clients and partners.

Details of the Work:
The Data Scientist is a full-time tenure-track opportunity for the ever-curious individual who is driven to learn and ask questions that address key problems in various industries and sectors that needs a technology-driven solution. The Data Scientist plays a key role in the success of the activities of the Senti Research team. This position is fit for those who have experience and track record work dealing with business and coming up with data-driven solutions.

Research is dynamic and constantly changing thus your work could be any of the following:

  • Asks questions that drive innovation and developments to various sectors, businesses
  • Designs and develops solutions, frameworks, and pipelines that fuel the operations of the AI Research Team
  • Leads and executes in the conduct of research by the Senti AI Team.
  • Build models and performs analyses that answer research questions raised for Senti’s stakeholders and partners
  • Leads and performs mentoring in activities involving the building, fine-tuning and development of models used by the Senti AI Team
  • Participate and contribute to the regular brownbag sessions of the research team
  • Continuously learn and be updated on the recent tools, technologies, and trends in AI Research

What we’re looking for:

  • You are confident in using tools and techniques in the data science stack/workbench.
  • You enjoy finding patterns, crunching numbers (math and statistics should not scare you!) and you have an eye for detail.
  • You are curious, with a growth mindset and is open to learning new trends and technologies especially in AI.
  • You have a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) degree and you are driven in pursuing a Research-based AI career.
  • You have prior experience working in a data scientist/AI-based scientist role asking research questions, building models, performing statistical analyses drawing valid conclusions towards contributing to a wealth of knowledge in AI, data science etc.
  • You have strong oral and written communication skills and a team player who thrives in a collaborative and transparent environment.

You get plus points if:

  • You have a postgraduate degree (Masters, preferably PhD) in STEM
  • You have written/published/presented a research paper/poster/publication presented in a public forum such as conference, colloquium, etc.
  • You are familiar with working in an Agile environment.

What’s in store for you:

  • A competitive salary and a suite of benefits that help you grow within your desired career path.
  • You get to work with mentors who are known industry leaders (Google Certified Experts) and possess publications in known research venues in AI and NLP.
  • A dynamic, startup environment with flexible working hours and are outputs-based.
  • Work-from-Home benefits.

How to apply:
If you believe that you are a good fit for this role, then send your applications to