The leading Artificial Intelligence company
in the Philippines

As the pioneering Artificial Intelligence company in the Philippines, Senti AI was formed and led by experienced researchers and half of the country’s Google Developer Experts.

In 2013 Senti AI’s founding members began with their research on Southeast Asian languages, sentiment analysis, and machine learning in an attempt to develop a localized AI technology.

Senti's first solution, launched in 2016, spurred further interest in artificial intelligence in Philippine enterprises and even the government. The succeeding years saw further exploration on how both public and private sectors alike can benefit from new innovations as the company developed its AI and ML expertise.

It was also during these years that Senti AI fine-tuned its process that allowed for seamless integration into the existing workflows of organizations. Deploying AI solutions and products is not enough. Senti AI also offers support and knowledge transfer to ensure that organizations can fully maximize the benefits of AI.

"We want to show that the Philippines can make a mark in the AI Industry by building AI solutions that can improve the way people and organizations work - with less effort and more impact"

Ralph Vincent Regalado,
Founder and CEO of Senti AI



First place in Startup Weekend Challenge


1st Batch of Unilever Foundry


Top 20 Startups to the Rescue


Top 10 Ignite Pitch competition


JT Award for Leave A Nest's Tech Plan Demo Day

Core Values

Be pioneers

Our innovation is driven by our curiosity, simplicity, and applicability.

Get it done

We value agility without sacrificing commitment to quality.

Take ownership

We are accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our company, and our clients.

No Entitlement

We are humble and quick to admit mistakes.

Lifelong learners

We seek to constantly improve and innovate.

Embrace the team and have fun

We strive to build strong relationships and memorable experiences with our teammates.

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