Success Story: Neo Calapan secures housing documents with DocAI

Customer success story: Neo Calapan secures housing documents with DocAI

Posted by Senti AI

November 17, 2023


Senti AI set up a Google Cloud storage to help Neo Calapan save on storage costs. Document AI was also used to to help the company quickly find documents containing certain keywords uploaded in the cloud storage.

The Challenge

Neo Calapan Realty Corp. developed an area in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro into a prime residential-commercial and future techno-industrial hub for the province. However, they struggled to keep up with the management of the files after it sold 2,412 housing units. The company wanted to make the encoding and management of its future files more efficient.

The Solution

Senti AI set up a cloud storage system on Google Cloud where they can upload their documents to replace the former storage which was pricier and less intuitive. Document AI was also used to extract data from the uploaded files, allowing users to look for specific documents that contain certain keywords. An online-based app was also set up to access files without going through Google Cloud Console.

The Result

While the uploading process of documents to Google Cloud is ongoing, Neo Calapan is expecting to save more in expenses as they formerly used Dropbox, which is pricier than the Google Cloud subscription. The solution will also make it easier for them to access and pull up the files they need based keywords as Dropbox only indexes the filename and cannot scrape the content in uploaded documents.

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