Customer Success Story: Iontech boosts customer experience, sales with chatbot solution

Customer success story: Iontech boosts customer experience, sales with chatbot solution

Posted by Senti AI

January 31, 2024


Leading IT distributor Iontech, Inc., wanted to improve its customer service and increase sales. Iontech worked with Senti AI to develop and deploy a chatbot that can handle product queries and new dealership applications. 

The challenge 

Leading Philippines IT products distributor Iontech, Inc., wanted to improve its virtual customer service experience and increase its sales through customers or new dealers. The company could not respond immediately to customer queries and dealer applications as these would have to be manually done. 

Iontech brought in Senti AI to develop a solution that will be available 24/7 to handle inquiries and applications. 

The solution 

Senti AI built a chatbot that can handle product inquiries, new dealership applications, and application updates. The chat assistant, named Ionix, can understand English, Tagalog and Taglish and respond in English or Taglish, depending on the user’s preference. 

The chat assistant was deployed on Google Cloud Platform and used Google’s Dialogflow for a built-in analytics dashboard. Google Forms and Google Sheet were also used for new dealer applications. 

The result 

Ionix was deployed on the Facebook Messenger platform last December and has been in use since. For dealership applications, new applicants will simply fill out a Google form sent by Ionix. Iontech staff will review and evaluate submissions through Google Sheets connected to the Google Form. Ionix can also pull up the status of the application through the created forms.  

Aside from product inquiry, dealers can also opt to receive promotional announcements through Ionix. 

Data from January 2 to 11 saw 55 total engagements. While of these were FAQs, four engagements were for new applications and three were requests to check on application status. 

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