Senti AI places first in Google Cloud SEA Partner Pitch World Cup

Senti AI bags first place in Google Cloud SEA Pitch World Cup

Posted by Senti AI

March 29, 2022

Senti AI, one of the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and solutions company in the Philippines, won first place in the Southeast Asian (SEA) level of the Google Cloud Pitch World Cup.

The homegrown company previously bagged second place in the first round which took place last year before taking part in the regional level this month.

“We’re truly honored, not only because we won first place, but also because we have represented the Philippines at the regional stage and showed that we can stand as equals with other SEA countries considered more advanced in a technological sense,” Ralph Vincent Regalado, CEO and Founder of Senti AI, said.

“This has been our dream that is now turning into reality — to step into the global stage making the Philippines be recognized for AI leadership. We’re excited to progress to the next stages of the contest.”

Regalado, who presented the 15-minute pitch, shared how Senti AI as a valuable Google Cloud partner and go-to expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning addresses pain points and adds value to a particular industry.

Google Cloud in a statement said that the company’s pitch is “a testament to Senti’s mastery of their area of Specialization and holistic and customer-centric approach to solving our customer’s problems.”

Senti AI received multiple recognitions in the past year, notably as Google Cloud’s Breakthrough Partner in the Philippines and Machine Learning Services Specialization.

“We’re always working on improving our skills so we can provide top-notch AI solutions and services that our clients need,” Regalado said.

Regalado said that as part of the company culture of being life-long learners, everyone regardless of their department in Senti AI are always improving their skillset “to provide top-notch solutions and service that clients need.”

“However, we also realized organizations that want to get started with AI projects need much more support, even in the planning stage,” Regalado added.

“That’s why we’re restructuring our end-to-end service to also include a strategy roadmap so our clients can reap long-term benefits of their investments as they go along their digital transformation journey.”

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