Senti AI gains new industry, solution expertise with Google Cloud

Senti AI gains new industry, solution expertise with Google Cloud

Posted by Senti AI

July 28, 2023

Google Cloud has recognized Senti AI as a partner with two new industry and one solution expertise after successfully delivering customer success over the past few months.

Early this month, Senti AI has been awarded an Industry Expertise in Government and Healthcare and Life Sciences. This was followed by gaining a Solution Expertise in Conversational Design.

“This recognition signifies our organization’s profound expertise in leveraging Google Cloud’s technologies to drive transformative solutions, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional value to our healthcare and government clients,” Ralph Regalado, CEO and founder of Senti AI, said.

Prior to this recognition, Senti AI completed a project with the UP-National Telehealth Center to create a mental health chat assistant for COVID-19 patients suffering from anxiety and depression.

Other conversational AI projects done through Google Cloud’s platform include an e-card generating chatbot with Closeup and a chatbot that helps plan wash days based on weather forecasts with Surf.

Google Cloud partners that have shown proficiency in delivering solutions and customer success in an industry, solution, or product are recognized with an Expertise in the said area.

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